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Watercare drainage work in Auckland

For any Drainlayer to legally work on public drains in Auckland, they are required to be Approved Watercare Approved contractors.

This means they have proven to Watercare that they are suitably trained and qualified, hold adequate Public liability insurance and are able to complete work to a high standard of safety & workmanship.

We are Watercare approved contractors for public sewer & stormwater drains in Auckland & Rodney.

Traffic management - public drains near or under roads

Sometimes public stormwater & sewer drains can be under roads or in berm areas. When they are, this poses an increased risk to those doing the work & the public. We arrange our own applications with Auckland Transport and the various utility network providers to ensure that before we start onsite we have written authority to commence the work with proper planning done to ensure a minimum of disruption & risk. 

Directional drilling/thrusting public drains

In certain cases we will use directional drilling units to thrust an underground pipe to alleviate the need to perform an open excavation procedure. This often saves time and minimises disruption to the public.


Storm Water Drainage

We are into fishing & diving in our free time at Hydropro Ltd & we understand the fragile ecosystem we live in. 

We hold high importance of looking after the environment to ensure our world stays in good condition for our generations to follow. 


Sewer manholes, new public drainage connections, sewer pumping stations, concrete & civil sewer, septic system installations, effluent fields. 

Cesspit, catch pit, silt trap, soakage trench, manhole connection, stormwater connection, sewer connection, road stormwater, relocate manhole, replace manhole chamber, sewer pumping station, detention tank, retention tank, enviropod, wingwall, boundary trap